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About The Amma Team

Anju Sharma

Owner, Anju Sharma, a New Yorker by the way of Old Delhi, wanted to share something Indian and yet new in New York City. Memories of the foods she had eaten in the kitchens of her mother and that of her mother-in-law, remained fresh in her mind long after the demise of these two women. To honor them, and to bring back an honest setting where food could be savored and celebrated, she thought of opening Amma (mother,in several of the Sub Continental languages). Amma celebrates mothers all over by remembering them by its name. It would be dishonest to say the food at Amma is cooked in the style of mothers from India.

The recipes are based on what has been enjoyed in the kitchens of mothers, and are translated with respect for home cooking, and, made to work and compliment a restaurant environment.

Anju Sharma spent great time in collecting her thoughts about the ambience. The colors for the walls, the fabrics for the chairs and banquettes as also the light fixtures, all reflect her desire to create a space that has the signature of a mother and a home. A mother of two kids (daughter Anu and son Raju), she had learned early on that both food and a home, were about much than what meets the eye.

At Amma, she has brought a team of professionals to assist her in sharing her vision of creating a unique space, manageable in size and able to give the feeling of a lavish private dining space. One could easily fathom being in a lavish home whilst dining at Amma. The chefs and front of the house staff, labor to ensure the shared vision of the team is never compromised. Customers that take time to come to Amma, find here, a setting that is is equal measure about food, setting and sensibilities.

Premendra Chouhan

Director Operations (Food and Beverage) At the age of 18 “Prem “ as we lovingly call him started his career at The Oberoi Bombay ,relentlessly training getting all set to see the world he once dreamed of ,after 5 years his wish came through. His knowledge gained at The Oberoi Bombay landed him a job at Carnival Cruise Lines as a Head Bartender ,starting his journey into exceeding the guests expectations and making their experience on board memorable .

Mixing potions of the famous tropical cocktails ,creating new ones and at the same time enhancing his knowledge of wines from all over the world by taking part in wine tasting with “The Guild Of Sommeliers“ on board and actively participating in the wine seminars and food pairings Prem achieved a competitive professional standard in the Food and Beverage Industry, yet longing to complete the void of pairing wine with his native Indian food. Indian food as we all know is very flavorful and loaded with spices and to bring out the utmost from it,what else would pair well but a good glass of wine? What other place but NYC would give him a chance to fulfill his dream and bring out what his heart always longed.

Joining Amma in 2004 has made his passion of pairing wines and Indian food a reality and indulging in the day to day operations of the restaurant like creating new items on the menu and recreating a few ,bringing organic produce to build a menu which is not only tasty but also very conscious on how food should be prepared and presented. His exemplary knowledge of wines has also bequeathed us with the Excellence Award from “Wine Spectator“ for our wine list that proudly boast about 220 + wines from all around the world. Prem has a Degree in Bachelors of Art from Bundelkhand University ,India and has a Diploma in Hotel Management from Sophia-S.B.K.S Memorial Polytechnic Mumbai which added to his vast work experience makes him a great asset to Amma.